Team Rooms ~ No more interruptions with TFS 2013

Hi All,

This time my technical post gives you an introduction of a new feature in Team Foundation Server 2013.  With the new versions coming out, additional features help developers work both effectively and efficiently.  The new feature in TFS 2013 is “Team Rooms” which helps in keeping the record of things like check-ins, work item updates, build failures, code review etc. The most interesting aspect is having a conversation with your team members within TFS about the daily activities. This is the most welcoming part as it helps the team members to track the updates without disruption.

Now, as a deep insight, this has been developed by Tarun Arora and Utkarsh Shigihalli. It is a known fact that we will have to leave visual studio just in case to be updated on the status by other team members or vice versa. So the concept of Team Rooms is introduced to ensure developers get the updates while in visual studio itself.

Your Test Room appears in the Team Explorer window with the list of other team members available in the Team Room.  Just by clicking on the user name, you can respond to them via chat or you can send emails to them.

There is an option below named “Preferences” to notify us whenever someone joins the Team Room, just to know the availability of your team members in the room.

The chat window has some cool features like a spell checker, pressing enter after typing sends your message and pressing escape after typing does the undo job.  The Team Explorer can have multiple Team Rooms and you can have multiple Team Room conversation at the same time.  This can be done by opening Team Rooms in docks.

These are some of the features in Team Rooms which is still under construction. So, we can surely expect some added features at the time of its final launch.  I happened to watch this video and thought it would be pretty good to share the news with you all. Please watch the video here.

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7 Responses to Team Rooms ~ No more interruptions with TFS 2013

  1. Excellent sharing!!! my question is if it’s possible to add this feature in TFS 2012?

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  3. periyasamys says:

    Nice man. Thanks to share. Please keep going…

  4. Tarun Arora says:

    Thanks for blogging about TeamRooms Navi! Cheers, Tarun

    • Navi says:


      Thanks for dropping in and commenting here.

      Creation of Team Rooms in VS 2013 will definitely receive a great welcome from developers.

      I’m very much inspired by you.!!!

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