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A strong post after a long time…!!!

It is a solid truth that success of an individual is an outcome of not one’s hard work alone, but also his morality and behavior towards the people around. We all are aware of the mankind in general but when it comes to the profession, there too we need to be aware of treating others with humanity. Today, I will share my thoughts on implying mankind in our profession.

Check the quality

In general, we start our daily work with the list of tasks to be done by the end of the day. For an instance, we will be given with a list of work items to be completed and each one from the team will be assigned to the tasks under their names. It is obvious that we will be concentrating on completing the tasks before deadlines rather than considering the quality of the work. What happens here is, our works being wasted and goes incomplete.

Quality is the utmost thing when it comes to working on a product. We need to ensure that the quality is being checked along with the development of the product. I think this is the foremost way to respect our profession with humanity.

Being human to your fellows

Why do we have programs for Anger management and Stress Management in MNC’s though we have other loads of ways out there like get together with team members? Yes, our job is loaded with stress and we often work under pressure in completing the works before deadlines. The point here is expressing our distress to our colleagues in inappropriate manners. It’s the most eminent way in embarrassing ourselves. Being rude to other  team members or showing disrespect, irrespective of ages only disgrace the image we maintain in the working environment.

Not our technical skills alone help us to grow the degree of professionalism in us, but the good behavior towards people around. Make the most use of the best words in the world like “ Sorry” and “ Thank you” at times needed. Sometimes, they really mean a lot to people around.

Be human, not an egotist

People only get to know the strength of real professionally strong people by experiencing the same at critical situations and not when being boast by the so called “ Technical geeks”.  It is the duty of one to expose the skills they possess in the stage rather than narrating them to others. It can be well explained with the saying, “ Action Speaks louder than Words”. When they do so, their talents go unexposed and unappreciated.

We should help our fellow team members when they are under utmost pressure rather than making stories around about their inabilities. By helping them, we not only gain a Thanks from them, but also will be talked around for our timely help. That also helps us in showing humanity towards others in the profession.

I waited so long to write a post on this and it is here finally, posted. To me, these are the most essential elements to succeed in one’s profession.

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    Awesome article dude…

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    Good Post bhai 🙂

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