My Experiment With Success…!!!

Hi All,

For a humongous Success, put your head down and do the basics right – Naveeth Mohammad

Each one out there, at least once in their lifetime would have tasted their fruit of success, but when it comes to the height of success, very few would stand tall. Here am writing my road to success and all that have made me choose the right path.

This was supposed to be my first post but my journey is still on the road and with the best things out there to come, I want to share my best experience with you all.  Here are my best moments,

The Award and the stage

I was going through a tough time in my career with hurdles at its peak. I didn’t understand the efficiency of hard work until I got its valid meaning. I worked hard and put in all my efforts to maintain the stability of my career growth and in turn my graph grew higher.  To me the fruit of success is the recognition of hard work. I starved for my fruit of success and it didn’t take too long to reach me. Finally on May 23rd of 2013, I received my first award for the excellent performance in career.  I felt so honored and took that opportunity to thank all who influenced me in my career. Yes, I felt recognized and my hard work being paid. I expressed in the stage that gaining an award winning place has been a roller-coaster ride.

Being an MCSD

As explained earlier, I effectively worked hard for my Microsoft certification and it earned me fame. Being Microsoft Certified is encouraging and motivating to pass more hurdles, break through the barriers and chase my dreams. It improved my professional view and self-confidence to a greater extent. Though I had reached some turns which I never thought but only dreamt of, that didn’t stop me from wanting more and moving further. This moment in my life still drives me strong towards my goals.

Try, Catch…Finally!!!

It’s really a “Wow” feeling to be a blogger. When I was in to blogging, I wasn’t sure that my words will reach many hearts. Soon after my first post, I was flooded with appreciation and praises that even took me by excitement. It was so encouraging and I wanted to write more. It has become more like a hub to share my thoughts and reflect my opinions. It’s also motivating to know that there are people following my blog and pouring out their inspirational comments. That keeps my blog lively.

Ranking First in MVA Top List

As you all know MVA is one of the fastest growing online forum among IT professionals. I felt privileged when my name appeared first in the top list from India. I was so much associated with the MVA for the tutorials and it has helped me over the period of time. Being first in the top list encouraged me to learn more and keep myself updated on latest technologies.

Ranking First

Ranking First


I have been through so much holding both the best and the worst moments. I wanted to share my best moments here because I want this post to be an example for those aspiring developers who want to establish their status in the field.  I would be more than happy if this inspires at least few people out there. Through this post, I wish to thank all who influenced me to greater extent to reach this level and those who are still inspiring me to do more in the coming days.

About Navi

It's been almost three years, am still crazy about her.. A day never passes without seeing her face..She is too sensitive to bid me bye for the day...My love and time for her increases day by day.. She envies my friends and wants all my time with her... That's my girl...Dot NET !!!! With graduation from SRM University, Naveeth started his career as a junior programmer analyst and with a vast exposure in technologies like Web Services, Windows Services and WCF. With technologies expanding, Naveeth acquired his certification as Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer which includes developing ASP .Net web applications using MVC 4, Windows Azure and Web Services and HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Currently he is employed in Telliant Systems as Software Engineer, thriving to expertise on growing new technologies. Let me know your thoughts @
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10 Responses to My Experiment With Success…!!!

  1. periyasamy says:

    I am agree your words. All are true words, i seen all your success and wants to see more….

    • Navi says:

      It feels so good to see your comment and Thank you so much for your support through out all my success.

    • sarathyudhay says:


      It is a great article to read and inspire.
      But i do have a second thought about the first line “For a humongous Success, put your head down and do the basics right”

      “Don’t ever put your head down, never except Allah” says Prophet Mohammed.
      if your doing your basics right you don’t need to bow down your head,
      walk straight.
      feel right.

      I think i had been same all this years,in such short time i observed you are doing the same i hope.

      • Navi says:

        Thank u so much da for taking time to read my post though you are held with tight schedule..
        I think you mistook the phrase “heads down” here..It doesn’t mean “bowing heads down to some one”…
        The context of ” heads down” here is not bothering about things around and concentrating on what I got to do..
        Anyways, I don’t really find any need in “bowing down” to some one so far..
        Thanks again for your time da..

  2. Hey Navi,
    Such an inspiration… you very well deserve all these success in your life and more yet to come.. you a re an epitome of hard work and am glad you are growing faster and healthy..!!!

  3. Manikandan says:

    Happy about you naveeth

  4. santhosh says:

    Hard work of a man will never come down,keep it up you will grow in support will be always with you.

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