Being Microsoft Certified….!!!

Hi All,

This post of mine is all about my Microsoft certification and behind the scenes of the mega turning point in my career. Soon after my new job, I came to know about the Microsoft certifications and our management was requesting almost every developer to take up their exams for certifications. I was nominated too and was very eager to give it a shot. Due to personal reasons, I couldn’t make it.

My colleagues were taking exams one by one and they were doing pretty good too. Somewhere down the line I was feeling low. I realized the importance of the certification and its impact on the career. Initially it would scare us out and taking an online exam and that too technical exam will obviously be a challenging one. I can frankly accept that I was nowhere near the point that I would do best in the exams.  However, I was desperately waiting for my turn.

Over the time, things changed and then came my turn to prove my technical efficiency.  I wanted to make it big and make use of every bit of the chance I got. I tracked MSDN for the updates on Microsoft certification exams and soon found that certification for MVC 4 is out. I made up my mind to go for that and the stage was set.

People usually say that these certifications can easily be attained but it doesn’t seem the way it is said. I had to collect material from my friends and colleagues. I had to put so much efforts day and night preparing for the exam. For certification in MVC 4, we have three exams to be cleared. First exam I took was “Microsoft Certified Professional” which is developing ASP .NET MVC4 Web Applications.  It’s completely about MVC4. With data I had in hand, I studied day and night for a week and by the end of the week I was ready to take the exam online.

I was bit nervous about the exam and then as usual the exam started. I took good amount of time on analyzing each question and reviewing the answer for the same. I was able to answer almost all the questions with ease and the screen bloomed with a score of 962 i.e. 96%. Wow… That was amazing and all my efforts were answered with that wonderful score.  I was appreciated and felt really happy. Here comes the most challenging part. Given the fact that I scored high in my first exam I will be expected to return the same for my coming exams.  My high score sky rocketed my confidence and I was ready to face the next step with much more efforts and expectation.

My second level was “Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer” which is developing Windows Azure and Web Services. With extra efforts and hard work, I cleared the level with a high score of 962 i.e. 96%. With the same score as the previous one, I was pretty sure that I could finish my exam with an impressive score.

With that said, I started preparing for my last level of certification, “ Microsoft Specialist “ in Programming in HTML 5 with JavaScript CSS3. With the same amount of confidence and hard work I took up the exam and scored 890 i.e. 89% and thus gained my title as “Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer”.

Check out my MCP Virtual Business Card

After so many struggles, with hard work and confidence, I have achieved this mile stone and I am happy to say here that there is a long way to go. I also thank all who influenced me to reach this place in my career. As above said, this is definitely a mega turning point in my career.

About Navi

It's been almost three years, am still crazy about her.. A day never passes without seeing her face..She is too sensitive to bid me bye for the day...My love and time for her increases day by day.. She envies my friends and wants all my time with her... That's my girl...Dot NET !!!! With graduation from SRM University, Naveeth started his career as a junior programmer analyst and with a vast exposure in technologies like Web Services, Windows Services and WCF. With technologies expanding, Naveeth acquired his certification as Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer which includes developing ASP .Net web applications using MVC 4, Windows Azure and Web Services and HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Currently he is employed in Telliant Systems as Software Engineer, thriving to expertise on growing new technologies. Let me know your thoughts @
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5 Responses to Being Microsoft Certified….!!!

  1. Ravi says:

    Interesting and inspiring Naveeth
    Keep up your good work

  2. Homur says:

    What an inspirational post..Dedication and the spirit of excellence that is what made you ..who you are today. It is really thriving me to not only complete the Microsoft certification, and also how could show yourself in building your career as an IT Professional.:)

  3. Navi says:

    Thank you so much Homur..!! Am glad that this inspires you..Thanks again for you encouraging words…!!

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