6 Essential ways to Build a Strong Team – From a Team Member’s View

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First, I want to thank everyone for your enormous support to my blogs through your valuable comments and ratings. This, have encouraged me so much to write more and here comes my next post on “Team Building- from a Team member’s view”.

Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.

– Henry Ford

Today I will write on Team, Teamwork and building a strong team. I have been in IT for past three years and have worked with few wonderful teams. I, with the team have gone through a lot like successful times, critical situations and so on. These things have obviously taught me on what builds a successful and strong team. Below here, I will share with you my thoughts as a team member to work towards building a successful team.

Interactions and Meetings

In most of the organizations, meetings have become mandatory. Meetings includes presentations, question hours and discussions on the projects, deadlines etc.



As a team member, we ought to make most of the meetings meaningful. Days ahead, document your concerns or suggestions so that you can easily put forward your ideas to people. Make sure that you have taken others’ opinions with good clarity. Document the discussion that takes place during the meetings and keep track of the results to avoid any kind of chaos.

Backing the Team members

Backing Team Members

Backing Team Members

It is the most important thing, to back the team and team members as long as it is good for the team and organization as well. That will not only help in strengthening the unity of team but also saves team’s reputation. Also, we should help our team mates in keeping up with the team’s speed in achieving our goals and targets.

A Healthy Competition

Healthy Competition

Healthy Competition

Though we are working towards success as a team, it’s a must to have a healthy competition among the team members. I repeat, “Healthy” competition. Each one of the team member should have the ability to take things in the right spirit of the game. This will help them increase their productivity to a good level. Be a role model to other team mates in setting goals, achieving them before deadlines and helping other team mates.

Rapport with seniors

Rapport with Seniors

Rapport with Seniors

This is something that most out there fails to make use of. A good rapport with seniors will help us to go in a right path of career. Also, a good relationship with the seniors will help in pursuing growth in career.

Celebrating success together

Celebrating Success Together

Celebrating Success Together

Success comes after a good team work. No matter what amount of efforts have been contributed from our side, when success comes our way, celebrate it together. Celebrating an individual’s success together will also help in building up a strong team. This will also de–stress and freshen up our minds for setting future goals.

 Hunger for Success

Together for Success

Together for Success

There are few criteria to be considered in building a strong team. Hunger for success, clarity of thoughts, maintaining a healthy relationship with other team members, accepting the thoughts of team lead, opinions and new developments are few among them. Having these followed will help in building a strong and successful team.

Finally, all we have to keep in mind is “The more you work hard, the more you enjoy”. Each team member should take suggestions if found applicable and dismiss it politely in case it doesn’t suit.

So, what do you think will help in building a strong and successful team?

Share your ideas in the comments below…

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12 Responses to 6 Essential ways to Build a Strong Team – From a Team Member’s View

  1. Jeni Rose says:

    Nice article…Neatly explained..!!

  2. Karthikeyan G says:

    Thoughtful article. A must read for all people striving for success as a team.

  3. Homur says:

    Excellent article Naveeth. You are getting more and more mature and professional. I would like to suggest some alternate final words..“The more you work SMART, the more you enjoy”. I agree that hard work is one of the key ingredients to success. But don’t go for it unless the situation calls. Because it has some negative side effects too. So i’ll ‘mostly’ prefer “smart work”. However this is my perceptive.

  4. Sarathyudhay says:

    Impressing and interesting article…

  5. Sarathyudhay says:

    Something that i forget to say..
    Not all blogs /articles contains content effective and entertaining, but audiences love to be entertained.you have added something special like fun or humorous to your content, that attract more readers.Keep blogging…
    Waiting for next post…

  6. Reshma says:

    Nailed it well… Nice post… Keep blogging. All the very Best

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