Try, Catch….Finally….My First Post

I am super excited…This is my first Blog and very first post…!!!

As I was writing this with my Mom next to me, I jumped in joy with my laptop in hand. My Mom said, “Son, to express your joy, you can jump from third floor too, but keep the laptop aside. Your Dad is more concerned about your gadgets rather than you.” Oh No..!

Alright, since this is my first post, I am not going to be technical here. Most out there will be wondering, why am I in to blogging all of a sudden.

I will share with you here my ‘Before and After’ blogging experience.

Recently I have been hearing too many talks on blogging. This is how I was addressed before,” How you doing?” or “What are you up to these days?”  Things have changed now. People ask “Are you a blogger?” “What is your blog about?” rather than asking “Are you a developer?”

A Blog has become an individual’s identity. With numerous people writing blogs it has become a necessary means of social activity. On a discussion with my friend, he opinioned that a technical blog helps others to find solutions to their technical problems or whatsoever. To me it is just a social identity where I can draw my opinions on things happening.

Keep aside that blogs help people in finding solutions or techies when struck somewhere. It is an ethic to help your team mate or providing enough support to meet his deadlines. This will not only help for an individual development but also for the organization as whole.

So, I will be blogging on both technical and non technical stuff. My first post has become an inspiration to post more. Will be seeing all soon….

At last, a sigh of relief…!!  From now on, I will be asking,

“Mate, Have you started blogging?“

About Navi

It's been almost three years, am still crazy about her.. A day never passes without seeing her face..She is too sensitive to bid me bye for the day...My love and time for her increases day by day.. She envies my friends and wants all my time with her... That's my girl...Dot NET !!!! With graduation from SRM University, Naveeth started his career as a junior programmer analyst and with a vast exposure in technologies like Web Services, Windows Services and WCF. With technologies expanding, Naveeth acquired his certification as Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer which includes developing ASP .Net web applications using MVC 4, Windows Azure and Web Services and HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Currently he is employed in Telliant Systems as Software Engineer, thriving to expertise on growing new technologies. Let me know your thoughts @
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14 Responses to Try, Catch….Finally….My First Post

  1. rk38526 says:

    expect more posts

  2. johnbabu says:

    Excellent. Keep up the good work… 🙂

  3. Ravi says:

    I did read your tech section. though i was a techie once, i could not match with you guys on the stuff you do these days. All the due compliments to you.

    On the reasons for blogging- this type of participation is the need of the current ecosystem and your attempt stands fully vindicated and keep up the good work – soon will you become the cynosure!!

    All the very best!

  4. Harish says:

    maams…great start..keep so happy fa are dng some gud stuffs ….way to go dudeeeeee

  5. Harish M says:

    Bhai – finally u found out a perfect way of blogging..there is a great amount of maturity in ur words 🙂 keep blogging 🙂

  6. Homur says: the words you’ve chosen made you look more professional…Its really inspiring..keep up the good work

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